Friday, November 13, 2020


 Friends, we at White Slaves of Chinatown would like to announce the debut of our NEW YouTube channel.

This branded White Slaves of Chinatown YouTube will be your new home for out-of-print, rare and hard to find paracinema, personally curated by America's most confusing couple, Eric and Sarah Jane.

The channel will attempt to skirt the TOS of YouTube and bring you uncut and unexpected visual media from around the world.

We will also be providing access to films that fall out of the purview of YouTube's terms of service on a link-only, individual basis in "The Back Room", WSoC's home of naughty vids.

Please join us and "Like and Subscribe"!

New link! White Slaves of Chinatown 3D

Follow us on our Twitter page to receive announcements of upcoming projects or to request an OOP or hard to find film that you've been searching for, but just can't locate.

WSoC Twitter Page 

We hope to see to there and here, as well, the companion blog to the channel!

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